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About Pause with Panda

What is a Pause?

A “Pause” is a short mindfulness exercise specifically made for children. During these fun, audible exercises, children build skills such as self-regulation, focus, attention, compassion and more. 

Taking a Pause with Panda is easy and fun:

Pause with Panda 3 step routine

Step 1: Pause

Children can take a Pause easily without reliance on an adult or being in front of a screen. To Pause, they simply press one of Panda’s 6 buttons.

Step 2: Listen

Panda then guides children through a short exercise based on the Pause category. All children have to do is listen to Panda to follow along. 

Step 3: Resume

Once the Pause is over, children can resume whatever they were doing before, or take another Pause.

Panda’s Pause Types

Young girl hugging Pause with Panda with calm button

Calm Pauses help children learn to regulate or calm down their nervous system by learning anchors like belly breathing.

little boy hugging Pause with Panda showing focus button

Focus Pauses hone children’s attention and focus by teaching them to pay attention to their senses, feelings and thoughts.

Move button and Little girl stretching with Pause with Panda on floor

Move Pauses encourage mindful movement through slower poses inspired by yoga, or more fast paced like shaking the sillies out.

Love button with little boy with hands on heart

Love Pauses help children cultivate and show compassion and kindness to both themselves, but also others.

Sleep button with little boy holding

Sleep Pauses are bedtime stories or soft music that a child can listen to when snuggling up and getting ready for sleep.

Pause with Panda Smart Heart Button

Panda’s Smart Heart allows parents, therapists or other adults to record their own Pause for a child to hear.

Panda’s Parent App

Our Parent app uses the best of technology without putting a child in front of another screen.

Pause with Panda App Screens

Customize Pauses

Select Pauses to be stored on Panda according to your child’s specific needs.

Search by Topics

Search for and add new Pauses by topics like Anxiety, Sleep, ADHD and more.

Record Pauses

Record your own Pause or have your child record their voice to practice affirmations.

See Usage & Stats

See how your child is using Panda with helpful stats like favorites and battery life.

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