Pause with Panda - Emotional Support for Kids

Help your child learn to manage big thoughts and feelings

Pause with Panda is a new, comforting and customizable friend that helps children learn to pause, identify and respond to their thoughts 
and feelings.

Illustrated icon of Pause with Panda taking deep breaths


Illustrated icon of yellow star in a blue and pink target

Hone Focus &

Illustrated Icon of Pause with Panda sitting cross-legged

Foster a Mind -
Body Connection

Illustrated icon of two hands surrounding a pink heart

Express Kindness
& Compassion

Grey illustrated clouds over circular image of little girl hugging Pause with Panda

Does your child struggle with calming down?

  • Pause with Panda teaches children to take a Pause to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings and bodies

  • By practicing taking a Pause, children learn to become responsive rather than reactive to how they feel

We created Pause with Panda to give children a
screen-free tool that helps them learn to take a Pause

Over the shoulder view of girl reading Pause with Panda storybook on bed

Storybook & Stickers

  • Get to know Panda
  • Learn about Pauses
  • Use stickers as reminders
Pause with Panda stuffed animal sitting on white carpet with green illustrated bamboo

Comforting Panda

  • Screen-less comfort
  • +2 hours of content
  • Rechargeable
Woman holding Pause with Panda phone and app with pink illustrated heart detail

Adult-Facing App

  • Record your voice
  • Customize content
  • View stats and more

Panda's Pauses Promote Emotional & Social Skills

Circular green calm icon with white cloud
Learn to find calm through
deep breathing or other
Circular yellow focus icon with white star
Tune into your senses
improving focus
and attention
Purple circular Move Icon
Connect with your
body through gentle, mindful movements
Pink circular heart icon with the word Love
Practice sending yourself
and others love and
Blue circular sleep icon with a moon and three z's
Drift off to sleep with
one of Panda’s calming
sleep stories
Red smart heart icon
Hear a soothing heartbeat,
music, or record your
own Pause

Based on Proven Concepts of Mindfulness

Research finds that youth who practice mindfulness can develop:
Illustrated Pause with Panda sitting with legs crossed
Improved attention,
focus and cognitive
Illustrated golden monkey and Pause with Panda with pink heart
Better behavior in and out
of school, as well as empathy and perspective taking
Illustrated red panda holding hands in air with yellow star
Emotional regulation,
reduced anxiety,
depression & stress

Recommended by Experts, Loved by Families

Creating more calm, aware and resilient children

Three illustrated yellow stars

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